Léon Spek - Sound Artist

I now work mostly on the projects shown below. Each "icon" links to the page of each project where you can find much more info about them.

You can contact me via email directly using contact [at] leonspek.nl or you can use one of the email addresses mentioned on my projects' sites.

We are a sound artist duo, Neon & Landa; our artist name appeared from a 1st letter swap of our given names.

For us, hearing is the main sense.
We make musical instruments, music, and sound art.

Wobblophones is a sample instruments project by Neon & Landa.

We love unstable pitch and we're crazy about wild and uncontrolled overtones. Once we encounter such sounds, we shape them further into physical things - new musical instruments.
And because buying physical musical instruments is expensive, we created Wobblophones where sample packs of our instruments are available for a reasonable price.
We hope to inspire you with our sounds and wish you lots of fun playing!
Neon & Landa

processed recordings

Processed Recordings is a net-label / CD-R label concentrating on original electronic and improvised music.

Processed Recordings is based in The Hague, The Netherlands.
The label was founded by Ernst van der Loo and Léon Spek in 2008. This small team was joined by Nanda Milbreta in 2010.

In June 2010 Processed Recordings became a netlabel with high quality (lossless flac) freely downloadable content, but small runs of physical CD’s are still being produced.
The music is licensed under Creative Commons licences.


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