Léon Spek

I'm an imagineer.
I combine imagination and engineering to bring ideas to life.

Prosthetic X is an artificial 'aura' organ designed by Isaac Monté

Infinite Posture Dataset is a kinetic video installation by Coralie Vogelaar

LUX is a durational performance by Mark IJzerman and Francesca Saraullo

Fluctus No. 1 is a kinetic artwork by Jorrit Paaijmans

Radical Drawing Device is an autonomous drawing machine by Jorrit Paaijmans

Dreamlife is a film by Melvin Moti

I Enjoyed the Parts in Your Mind is a drawing bot by Coralie Vogelaar

D-tower measures HAPPINESS, LOVE, FEAR and HATE

Braindrain is a fashion-tech project by fashion designer Maartje Dijkstra.

Summer Sessions are short-term, international residencies for emerging artists.

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Other activities

A selection of some of my other activities

Red Magnet is drone music inspired by the unimaginable scales and times of the universe.

Neon & Landa is an artist duo. I'm one half of it.

IN.somnial is a poem for the senses. The installation immerses the audience in the nocturnal world of an insomniac.

Lekker Belangrijk is a lovely theatre show about the universe for kids.

Sel is a film by Rebecca Digne.

Epure is a film by Rebecca Digne.